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NextHome Next Stepp Located in Ashland, OH

135 Union Street
Ashland, OH 44805

Real Estate Auctions, Residential

Coverage Areas

Ashland, Mansfield, Wooster

What services do we provide?

  • List Real Estate
  • Sell Real Estate
  • Real Estate Market Analysis
  • Sell Real Estate by Auction through NextHome Next Stepp & Dilgard Auctions

We belong to the Ashland Board of Realtors, Mansfield Board of Realtors, & the Wayne-Holmes Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service (MLS). What does that mean to you?

  • As a seller you will have your property listed in the MLS database that will allow Realtors from other offices to access information on your property.
  • As a buyer we can show you any listings we have and any listings in the MLS.